The top 30 stores for warm winter clothing in Toronto (2023)

Warm winter clothing in Toronto is a necessity, no matter how much or little snow we get. Thanks, wind. Specialty outdoor stores and chains stock a wide variety of cold-weather looks, but Toronto also has a number of amazing home-grown brands in the keeping-us-warm department.

Given we're in the midst of a pandemic, heading outside during frigid temps is a little less probable (unless you've gone mad indoors and desperate need some nature). Thankfully these stores are all offering online shopping and shipping, and in some cases, curbside pick-up.

Here are my picks for the top places to buy warm winter clothing in Toronto.


This brand's HEATTECH line is the most innovative, affordableand non-bulky winter-wear you can find. They offereverything from lightweight turtlenecks to tights and socks, using soft fibres specially designed to trap your own body heat inside your clothes without excessive layering.


World-renowned for their snowboarding apparel, this Vermont-based brand sells winter jackets and snow pants perfect for frolicking outside. They’ve also got some pricier base layers in case you really need to bundle up this season. Check out their first Canadian store ever on Ossington.

Due West

This Queen West store carries a selection of winter parkas from brands such as Canada Goose, Moose Knucklesand Stone Island.Those brands tend to run on the pricey side but they’ll definitely keep you looking stylish in the snow.


Selling some down-to-earth brands for the more rugged types, you’ll find a good selection of heavy-duty winter boots here to keep the little piggies warm while hiking or working outside. There are locations in Eaton Centre, SmartCentre and Dufferin Street.

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While this store on Roncesvalles carries mostly stylish outdoor gear better suited for a misty rainfall or a cool autumn day, they have a big selection of comfy toques and mitts. Big plus: everything sold here is unisex and made in Canada.

The top 30 stores for warm winter clothing in Toronto (1)

Uncle Otis in Chinatown carries men's outwear and other warm styles. Photo by Hector Vasquez.

Wuxly Movement

Most winterwear brands are fur-trimmed and full of down, but this Toronto-based company is animal- and cruelty-free. Turns out you don't need to kill an animal to survive Arctic-level cold. Wuxly is running a pop-up next to Trinity Bellwoods Park until the end of 2020, but you can always find them online.

Courage My Love

There are plenty of pre-loved clothing stores in the city, but this Kensington Market vintage shop is hands-down the number one source for cashmere. Classic granny cashmere is spruced up with hand tie-dyed colours that make for perfectly fashionable layering. You can head to the store or snag looks via Instagram DMs.

Peace Collective

It's crewnecks, long sleevesand hoodies galore from this Toronto-based brand. Essentials all come in solid colours and standard fits. Shipping is free for all orders over $100 within Canada. You can also visit their stores at Ossington or Union Station.

Muddy George

Carrying brands from England and Japan that boast top-quality craftsmanship, this Bloorcourt menswear store sells a variety of lambswool crewnecks and pricey parkas from Battenwear or Quartz Co.,to keep the gents looking stylishly prepared for winter.

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Sport Chek

If you're looking for a dependable winter jacket at a reasonable price, come peruse through this chain with several locations including inside the Eaton Centre, Maple Leaf Squareand Yorkdale. They have an extensive collection of coats and vests from brands such as Columbia and North Face.

Moose Knuckles Yorkdale

Dealing exclusively in hip outerwear, this popularbrand in Yorkdale mall carries fur pom pom'd parkas and sweaters that will make you feel like the cool kid while staying warm.

The top 30 stores for warm winter clothing in Toronto (2)

Sweaters are among the warm winter clothing at Muddy George. Photo by Jesse Milns.

North Standard

This local Parkdale brand sells cozy hoodies and crewnecks in a variety of earthy colours that are simple but effective. They also sell standard toques and socks that'll make you look and feel very Canadian.


Everybody knows somebody who had a TNA winter jacket at some point, and for good reason. Parkas from here are legitimately warm — their Super Puff will have you sweating — offered at reasonable prices with a variety of puffy or slim-fitting looks.

Sporting Life

Sporting Life's flagship store at Yonge and Eglinton has a massive selection of winter clothing that ranges from affordable to upscale. Short jacket? Long jacket? Down, fleece, lining? Which colour? Seriously, these guys have everything. Also find it in Sherway Gardens and Yorkdale Mall.


Snow is no problem here. This huge sports store with sprawling locations in North York and on Queen West is stocked up with all you need to face the impending storms to come: jackets, long johns, gloves and snowshoesbecause you never know.

Nordstrom Rack

Top brands are available for discounted prices at this massive multi-floor Yonge and Bloor shop. The Nordstrom Canada website is also brimming with markdowns on everything from cardigans to teddy jackets and puffers.

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This gear is made for hardcore mountain climbers and extreme athletes (they even sell avalanche packs). Order fromtheir store on Queen West and splurge on a jacketfor heightened feelings of sportiness.

The top 30 stores for warm winter clothing in Toronto (3)

The MEC flagship in Queen Street West has multiple floors of warm outdoorsy wear. Photo by Hector Vasquez.

Canada Goose Yorkdale

A Canadian classic, Goose jackets are a sure-fire way to keep toasty all winter long. Join Toronto's huge army of Goose-wearers and enjoy the benefits of Canada's favourite fur-trimmed down jacket.


Yes, this store is mostly known for its fast-fashion designer collaborations but it does carry tons of warm sweaters to layer under your winter jacket, and cute hats and scarves are in abundance here. Mall locations are up and running. Keep in mind all shipping takes about 12 to 16 days to be delivered.


It's not just about yoga wear here. Lululemon also stocks winter-friendly apparelincluding affordable parkas and pullovers. If you're into winter running, this is where to get a reflective, insulated jacket that's totally snow-resistant.


Located on Queen West and inYorkville, parkas sold here are ideal for city-dwellers trying to stay warm while still looking fashionable. They also have a pricey but interesting little collection of quilted down hats and woven scarves to keep your ears and neck protected.

Kit and Ace

Brought to you from the ex-designer of Lululemon, these clothes are predictably lightweight and moveable. Best finds at this Yorkville store are turtleneck sweaters, cardigans, vests, hats and anything else made of cashmere.


Get the American heritage look and stay warm while you do it. The Queen West outpost of this brand is where to stock up on reasonably-priced fleece pullovers, down parkas, camo cloth hoodsand wool cruiser jackets.

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Overflowing with colourful knitted sweaters, this multipurpose brand on West Queen West and in Shops at Don Mills stocks up onwarm cardigans and pullovers that will make you look like the most stylish cat lady ever.

The top 30 stores for warm winter clothing in Toronto (4)

Canada Goose continues to be one of the country's ultra-popular brands for winter parkas. Photo by Hector Vasquez.

Uncle Otis

This menswear store on Spadina has long provided Toronto guys with a big selection of outerwear, from knitted looks to jackets from Norse Projects of Canada Goose Black Label. They’ve also got some wool pants that are great for running quick errands or layering with long johns.


If you’re looking for layers but don’t want the frumpy kind, check out this Distillery District brandfor some really stylish shearling coats or quilted puffers for both men and women.


Around wintertime this store is always an explosion of stuff. Skip the hectic vibes and buy online instead.Favourites from here include women's puffer coats, though their big scarves are also popular for nestling into when the wind picks up.


Expensive and stylish, these winter parkas come in a few designs but are mostly come in mid-length black, brownsand dark green to keep those thighs warm. Buy from Mackage stores in Eaton Centre or Yorkdale.


Super-sleek and luxurious looking, winter gear from here is all real leather and fur. Drop some serious cash on a bobbled fur toque and a form-fitting jacket and you'll feel like winter royalty. Find Rudsak at Eaton Centre, Sherway Gardensor just go online.


This sports store on King West has jackets in an array of bright colours, probably to help you stand out in the snow.It's helpful when climbing a mountain, or rushing across the intersection to catch a streetcar (if you absolutely must).


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