14 of the best Carvoeiro beaches in Carvoeiro and nearby (2023)

The small town of Carvoeiro in Portugal’s Algarve region is one of the most popular towns to visit in the area. Not only is it home to the Algar Seco caves and the Carvoeiro boardwalk but there are so many beautiful Carvoeiro beaches to check out and explore as well as plenty of other fun things to do in Carvoeiro.

Both to the west and the east of Carvoeiro, you’ll find so many beautiful beaches, some more easily accessible than others, that are great for exploring by boat, by kayak or just chilling out and relaxing.

Most people come to the Algarve in Portugal to experience the beautiful beaches along the coastline. That’s why I was there anyway (and for some sunshine!). If that’s you too, then be sure to check out this ultimate guide to the best beaches in Carvoeiro and nearby.

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1. Carvoeiro Beach Portugal

14 of the best Carvoeiro beaches in Carvoeiro and nearby (1)

Carvoeiro Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Carvoeiro, and arguably one of the best mostly due to how accessible it is from the town centre.

Though Carvoeiro is no longer the tiny fishing village it used to be, this pretty beach hasn’t become ruined by huge hotels and private resorts.

The beach sits at the end of town and has calm waters, lifeguards, and facilities and is closeby to cafes and restaurants for when you get hungry. It’s one of the best swimming beaches in Portugal’s Algarve.

On either side of the beach, you can see some of the magnificent cliffs that are characteristic of this area of Portugal, as well as pretty white buildings winding uphill.

The beach has soft white sand and clear blue water and is a recipient of a Blue Flag award, which means it meets high standards for safety, water quality, facilities, and taking care of the environment.

In high season, finding parking in Carvoeiro can be difficult so it’s a good idea to head there earlier on in the morning.

2. Praia do Paraiso

14 of the best Carvoeiro beaches in Carvoeiro and nearby (2)

I walked here after exploring the Carvoeiro boardwalk and Algar Seco caves and it was my favourite beach close to Carvoeiro town.

On the other side of the cliffs than the boardwalk, Praia do Paraiso is at the bottom of a lot of steps and it’s a nice, more private version of Carvoeiro beach.

It’s a great option if Praia do Carvoeiro feels too busy for you.

Make sure to visit during low tide, as the sand pretty much disappears when the tide rises leaving not much space to sit.

3. Praia de Vale Covo

14 of the best Carvoeiro beaches in Carvoeiro and nearby (3)

Vale Covo Beach is something of a hidden gem and is usually pretty quiet since it’s a bit harder to get to.

Only accessible at low tide, this beach has a huge cave with an enormous arch which you can explore.

Most people come here by boat so you might have a few boat tours coming up to the beach while you’re there but they usually don’t stick around long.

This beach in particular is one of the best Carvoeiro beaches for snorkelling and the green-blue colour of the water is amazing.

To reach Vale Covo Beach on foot from Carvoeiro, follow the Carvoeiro boardwalk past Algar Secob and continue along the cliff top until you reach Tivoli Carvoeiro. Here you’ll find a staircase on the western side of the beach but they’re quite steep and not particularly well maintained so use it at your own risk.

4. Praia do Vale de Centeanes

14 of the best Carvoeiro beaches in Carvoeiro and nearby (4)

Praia do Vale de Centeanes is a wide sandy beach backed by magnificent cliffs that is another of the best beaches in Carvoeiro.

Getting down to this beach is much easier than some of the others in the area since there are some good wooden steps down to it.

Take some time to walk around this beautiful beach as there are plenty of caves, sea fossils and more interesting discoveries to find.

If you have a snorkel and mask, head close to the rocks for a glimpse of the vibrant marine life. You might find molluscs, anemones and fish too!

This beach is easy to get to on foot from the centre of Carvoeiro and it’s just 20-25 minutes away it’s also a popular departure point for the trip out to the Benagil Caves, which are one of the best things to see in the Algarve, or for being the start or end of the Seven Hanging Valleys hiking trail (dos sete vales suspensos).

This beach is quite narrow so can get crowded since it’s quite narrow, but it’s still worth visiting there’s also a restaurant here too so Praia dos Vale Centeanes is a good place to hang out for the whole day.

5. Praia da Rocha

14 of the best Carvoeiro beaches in Carvoeiro and nearby (5)

Praia da Rocha is a long sandy beach near Carvoeiro that stretches for nearly 2 kilometres and is the place to go to for truly admiring the limestone cliffs of the Algarve Coast.

This beach was one of the first areas in the Algarve to be developed for tourism, so it may not be the most pretty and remote, and the backdrop is dominated by huge apartment blocks, but it does mean it’s a good spot to go for a beach day if you’re staying nearby.

6. Praia da Marinha

14 of the best Carvoeiro beaches in Carvoeiro and nearby (6)

Praia da Marinha is widely considered one of the best Carvoeiro beaches for its crystal clear waters and the beautiful cliffs and rock formations that you’ll often see used in photos to illustrate the Algarve as a holiday destination,

The beach is quite small, especially compared to some of the others along this coastline, but since it’s further away from some of the towns, it’s usually quite quiet.

7. Praia de Benagil

14 of the best Carvoeiro beaches in Carvoeiro and nearby (7)
14 of the best Carvoeiro beaches in Carvoeiro and nearby (8)

One of the top Carvoeiro beaches that deserves special recognition is nestled at the bottom of a deep valley, by the cute fishing harbour of Benagil home of the famous Benagil Caves.

Not only is this a pretty beach with some great views, but it’s also the main launching point for people looking to kayak Benagil Caves.

Past the tour companies, the small cafes and the boats on the beach, the beach opens up a bit and you have room to spread out and chill out on this beautiful beach.

There are a few restaurants nearby (O Pescador is one we went to one evening and they not only do great food, but they have great views of the sunset over the sea from their outdoor terrace area).

If you’re hiking the 7 Valleys Trail you’ll come past this beach before going back up the other side of the cliff and it’s one of my favourites in the evening when it’s much quieter than during the day and you’ll pretty much have it to yourself.

8. Praia do Carvalho

14 of the best Carvoeiro beaches in Carvoeiro and nearby (9)

Praia do Carvalho is surrounded by super tall cliffs on either side and you can get to it by using a hand-dug tunnel carved into the rocky walls.

Inside the tunnel, there’s even a terrace with a bar that looks out onto the beach which is a super cool place to grab a drink and soak in the views.

Once you’ve gone through the tunnel and come out onto the beach you’ll see the large rock in the ocean which is pretty impressive when you think about how it’s been formed over the years by the ocean and winds.

9. Praia do Barranquinho

14 of the best Carvoeiro beaches in Carvoeiro and nearby (10)

To the east of Praia da Marinha, there are numerous small coves and sheltered beaches that can only be reached by boat.

However, Praia do Barranquinho is the first one of these that can be accessed by land. It may be small and hidden amidst pine-covered cliffs, but it’s super pretty.

It’s best visited at low-mid tide when there’s more beach available to walk along and if you do decide to swim just take care of the tides and currents.

We ended up running past this on our first morning staying in the Algarve. It was popular with people travelling around Portugal by campervan (what a spot to wake up to), and so beautiful! It’s definitely one of the best hidden Algarve beaches.

10. Praia da Senhora da Rocha

14 of the best Carvoeiro beaches in Carvoeiro and nearby (11)
14 of the best Carvoeiro beaches in Carvoeiro and nearby (12)

We stayed about 10 minutes away from this beach and it became my place to head to for morning walks with coffee and a podcast.

There’s a small parking lot right by the Nossa Senhora church and a larger one just a little further up the road.

Though there are some large resorts in town, this beach maintains its charm (perhaps as there are so many beaches around here) and is a great place to relax on.

When I visited it always felt like more of a locals’ beach with people hanging out, playing football and having BBQs late into the evening.

You can also walk through a tunnel that connects Praia da Senhora da Rocha to Praia Nova which seems scary at first, but it saves you going up the staircase, along the cliff and then down another long staircase!

11. Praia Nova

14 of the best Carvoeiro beaches in Carvoeiro and nearby (13)

Whether you decide to take the tunnel from Praiaa da Senhora da Rocha to Praia Nova or walk the staircase from along the cliff top, this beach is worth the effort.

I think it’s actually better than Praia da Senhora da Rocha as it was always pretty quiet, and stretches for a long way.

There’s plenty of sand both at high and low tide to relax on, and there are so many cool shells on the sand and fossilised in the rocks.

There are no facilities here so it feels a bit more wild and special.

12. Praia de Albandeira

14 of the best Carvoeiro beaches in Carvoeiro and nearby (14)
14 of the best Carvoeiro beaches in Carvoeiro and nearby (15)

A short walk from Praia do Barranquinho, down an unpaved road, will lead you to Praia de Albandeira.

This beach has gained popularity in recent years and was even featured as one of the best beaches in Europe by Condé Nast Traveler magazine.

This is definitely one of the prettiest beaches near Carvoeiro thanks to the cool rock formations which feature a rock arch!

13. Praia da Cova Redonda

14 of the best Carvoeiro beaches in Carvoeiro and nearby (16)
14 of the best Carvoeiro beaches in Carvoeiro and nearby (17)

With a signpost declaring it Europe’s most beautiful spot, this beach near Carvoeiro is hidden away down a long series of steps that many people miss during their visit to The Algarve.

I came across it one morning while on a walk and had the whole place to myself!

There is a cafe down here and a hotel with a beautiful bar on the beach. There’s plenty of space on the sand if you’re looking to stretch out with a book and some drinks for the day and it usually isn’t as busy as some of the other Carvoeiro beaches nearby.

14. Praia da Morena

14 of the best Carvoeiro beaches in Carvoeiro and nearby (18)

Near Carvoeiro, Praia de Albandeira is a hidden beach that’s well worth walking out to.

Accessed through a scenic unpaved road, or on foot from the Porches area, this beach is raw natural beauty.

This beach is amazing when viewed from the cliff top and there’s a cool rock structure out at sea. It’s a bit like visiting Praia do Carvalho but usually much quieter since it’s off the main tourist trail.

FAQs about the best Carvoeiro beaches

14 of the best Carvoeiro beaches in Carvoeiro and nearby (19)

Does Carvoeiro have a beach?

Yes, Carvoeiro does have a beach called Carvoeiro Beach, which is a popular and picturesque destination. There are many others nearby too.

Which beach has the clearest water in Algarve?

Praia da Marinha is renowned for its exceptionally clear water and is considered one of the beaches with the clearest water in the Algarve.

Is Carvoeiro Portugal worth visiting?

Carvoeiro, Portugal is definitely worth visiting for its beautiful beaches and to check out the Carvoeiro boardwalk and the stunning Algar Seco caves.

What is the beach called in Carvoeiro?

The main beach in Carvoeiro is called Carvoeiro Beach.

Final thoughts on the best beaches near Carvoeiro

14 of the best Carvoeiro beaches in Carvoeiro and nearby (20)

With so many beautiful Carvoeiro beaches to explore it can be hard to know which one to go to.

This guide of 13 of the best beaches near Caroveiro has shared a mix of some well-known beaches with great facilities as well as other beaches which are less well-known.

From the picture-perfect setting of Carvoeiro Beach with its golden cliffs and turquoise waters to the hidden treasures of Praia de Vale Covo and Praia do Carvalho beach, there is a beach to suit everyone.

Whether you’re a sunbather, a nature lover, or an adventure seeker, the Carvoeiro beaches beckon you to explore, relax, and create lasting memories in this stunning coastal paradise.

14 of the best Carvoeiro beaches in Carvoeiro and nearby (21)


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